Workday Consulting Services

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McLaren Workday Consulting embodies a fusion of industry expertise, innovation, and seamless implementation. This synergy unlocks untapped potential within individuals across your enterprise, all powered by Workday’s robust platform. By integrating Finance and HR capabilities seamlessly into a unified system, we empower organizations to align with their strategies, swiftly adapt to change, and ensure they possess the right skills and resources for strategic execution.

Leveraging cloud and cognitive technologies, McLaren Workday Consulting drives digital innovation and enhances employee engagement. Our comprehensive suite of services, spanning strategic consulting and cognitive solutions, harnesses the capabilities of Workday’s cloud-based tools and cognitive technologies, fundamentally transforming how finance and HR teams operate and collaborate. At McLaren, we grasp the nuanced challenges our clients face and appreciate the far-reaching impact of each decision on the entire organization. Armed with deep insights and a collaborative approach, we guide our clients in establishing a resilient foundation for continuous, transformative change.

Workday solutions and offerings

McLaren understands complex client challenges and guides them to establish a solid foundation for transformative change through expertise and collaboration.

Human Capital Management (HCM)

McLaren offers comprehensive assistance in end-to-end HR reinvention powered by Workday, fundamentally reshaping work methodologies and organizational culture. This transformation aligns the employee experience with customer experience objectives.

Financial Management

Our approach involves proven methodologies, industry expertise, and innovative project tools, consolidating transactions, accounting, analytics, and always-on audit within a unified Workday system.


We assist in optimizing your Workday technologies to achieve maximum return on investment, gaining a competitive advantage, driving adoption, and enhancing operational efficiency.

HR Transformation

Our Workday services streamline operations, enhance engagement, and reduce HR operating costs. We tailor solutions to personalize the employee experience and optimize engagement through managed employee services.


Collaborate with McLaren’s experts to select, develop, and implement scalable solutions that align with your organization’s goals and objectives. Our approach involves deploying customized solutions and integrating systems to improve performance and enhance experiences for patients, students, and consumers.

Managed Services

Our expert guidance and ongoing post-production support ensure the sustained success of your full-suite Workday solutions. McLaren’s wide array of managed services, including help desk services, system integration support, upgrade services, and training, can be tailored to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Workday Advisory Services

From strategy development to seamless execution, we align business objectives with technology system design, leveraging our full-service capabilities and established methodologies. Our aim is to enhance cloud readiness and ensure sustained adoption, ultimately driving business transformation.

Why McLaren?

Expertise-Driven Solutions:

Leverage McLaren's deep expertise in Workday integration and consulting, ensuring you have access to a team well-versed in industry best practices and the latest advancements. Our experts tailor solutions to match your organizational needs, providing strategic guidance to optimize Workday's potential.

Seamless Integration Process

Experience a smooth integration journey with Workday through McLaren's proven methodologies. Our team ensures a seamless transition, minimizing disruptions and maximizing the efficiency of the integration process for your organization.

Maximizing Workday Investment

Choose McLaren to maximize the value of your Workday investment. Our focus extends beyond mere integration, aiming to help you derive long-term benefits and ROI from Workday by optimizing its features, functionality, and performance to suit your organization's evolving needs.

Dedicated Support And Collaboration

McLaren is committed to a collaborative partnership. We provide dedicated support throughout the integration and consulting process, ensuring that your organization is equipped with the knowledge and resources needed for successful Workday adoption.

Tailored Approach For Your Organization

Recognizing that every organization is unique, McLaren takes a tailored approach. We understand your specific business challenges and customize Workday solutions to align with your goals, enabling a more effective and efficient implementation.