Fiserv DNA

Fiserv DNA stands out with unparalleled adaptability & customer-focused technology, simplifying account management while reducing costs & enhancing returns.

Its open architecture and real-time capabilities empower financial institutions to optimize processes, exceed evolving customer demands, and maintain a human touch in personalized financial interactions, making it a strategic choice for leading in today’s competitive market.
Fiserv DNA

Key Features

Fiserv DNA stands out as a catalyst for digital transformation in today’s financial landscape. It goes beyond an account processing platform, offering a rich ecosystem of features—from loan origination to advanced reporting and integration capabilities. Seamlessly integrated, it empowers institutions to build a customized, future-proof banking platform centered around customers’ evolving needs. Fiserv is committed to ongoing innovation and enhancements within the DNA platform. Regular updates and new feature releases ensure that institutions have access to the latest tools and functionalities, keeping them ahead in an ever-evolving financial ecosystem.
Open Architecture for Scalability
One of the fundamental strengths of Fiserv DNA lies in its open architecture, engineered for scalability and adaptability. This architecture allows seamless integration with other systems and facilitates easy customization, ensuring it can evolve alongside your institution's changing needs without compromising performance.
Real Time Processing Capabilities Min 1
Real-Time Processing Capabilities
Fiserv DNA's real-time processing capabilities provide a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving financial landscape. With instantaneous transaction processing, institutions can offer their customers real-time updates on accounts,transactions, and balances, delivering a superior banking experience.
Flexibility Customization Min 1
Flexibility & Customization
Customization is at the core of Fiserv DNA's design. Institutions can tailor the platform to match their unique workflows and business processes. This flexibility allows for the creation of personalized customer experiences, innovative product offerings, and streamlined operations
Comprehensive Relationship Management Min
Comprehensive Relationship Management
Fiserv DNA excels in managing complex relationships within financial institutions. It efficiently handles intricate connections between individuals, businesses, and their accounts, enabling institutions to gain deeper insights into customer interactions and behavior.
Advanced AnalyticsandReporting Min 1
Advanced Analytics & Reporting
Equipped with robust analytics tools, Fiserv DNA empowers institutions to derive valuable insights from data. The platform offers comprehensive reporting functionalities that assist in making informed decisions, identifying trends, and creating data-driven strategies to enhance business outcomes.
Regulatory Compliance Security Min
Regulatory Compliance & Security
In a highly regulated industry, Fiserv DNA prioritizes compliance and security. The platform is designed to meet stringent regulatory requirements, ensuring data privacy, integrity, and security standards are consistently upheld, providing peace of mind for both institutions and their customers.

Our Fiserv DNA Implementation Process

Assessment & Planning
We conduct a thorough analysis of your institution's needs and formulate a strategic implementation plan.
Configuration Customization
Configuration & Customization
Our experts configure the Fiserv DNA platform to suit your specific requirements, integrating custom features as needed.
Testing Deployment
Testing & Deployment
Rigorous testing is conducted to ensure a seamless transition. We oversee the deployment process to minimize disruptions
Training & Support
Comprehensive training sessions are provided to equip your staff with the knowledge required to maximize the benefits of Fiserv DNA. We offer ongoing support to address any queries or issues that may arise.

Why McLaren for Implementing Fiserv DNA?

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Unmatched Experience

We boast a successful track record of delivering seamless Fiserv DNA implementations for clients across diverse sectors, from community banks to large credit unions.

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Agile Approach

We champion an agile methodology, ensuring close collaboration, rapid iteration, and faster time-to-value for your investment.

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Industry-Specific Solutions

We tailor our approach to your unique needs and challenges, whether it’s data migration, customization, or ongoing support.

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Cost-Effective Strategies

We prioritize efficiency and transparency, delivering optimal results within your budget constraints

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