SAP Analytics Cloud is an all-in-one cloud product offered as software as a service (SaaS) for business intelligence (BI), planning, and predictive analytics.
It provides a unified and secure cloud experience to maximize data-driven decision making.

SAP Analytics Cloud is built natively on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) and enables data analysts and decision makers to visualise, plan and make forecasts in a secure, cloud-based environment.

This distinguishes the SAC from other BI platforms.
The data connection and preparation as well as their evaluation are now carried out in one tool; jumping between different tools is no longer necessary.
Access to the most important functions is provided via a uniform and easy to use interface with a modern design.

With the SAC, many diverse data sources can be connected. A rough distinction can be made between SAP and non-SAP sources and between cloud and on-premises sources.

SAP SAC Analytics Cloud Mini

Key features

Unified Data Visualization And Business Intelligence

Unified Data Visualization and Business Intelligence

SAP Analytics Cloud offers a unified platform to visualize and analyze data from various sources. It allows businesses to create compelling visualizations, interactive dashboards, and insightful reports, enabling users to gain comprehensive insights at a glance.

Role Based Access Control RBAC And Security Measures

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and Security Measures

Implementing robust role-based access control mechanisms, SAC ensures secure data access and governance. Granular security settings, data encryption, and compliance with industry standards protect sensitive information while meeting regulatory requirements.

Continuous Innovation And Updates

Continuous Innovation and

SAC is a platform that undergoes regular updates and enhancements, introducing new features, functionalities, and optimizations. These continuous improvements ensure users have access to the latest innovations in analytics and business intelligence.

Live Data Connectivity

Live Data Connectivity

SAP Analytics Cloud offers live connectivity to a wide array of data sources, including SAP and non-SAP systems, databases, cloud platforms, and on-premises applications giving immediate insights without data replication.

Advanced Analytics Capabilities

Advanced Analytics Capabilities

With embedded predictive analytics and machine learning functionalities, SAC empowers organizations to uncover patterns, trends, and outliers within their data.

Unified Data Visualization And Business Intelligence

Data Integration and Harmonization

Seamless blending of data from multiple sources with data modeling capabilities for unified and accurate datasets.

Our SAP SAC Offering

We specialize in leveraging SAP Analytics Cloud to transform how businesses interpret and utilize their data. 

Implementation And Integration

Implementation and Integration

SAP Analytics Cloud unifies data visualization, analysis, and reporting, empowering businesses with compelling dashboards and interactive reports for comprehensive insights.
Customization And Development

Customization and Development

Tailoring SAP SAC to specific needs, we provide custom development services for bespoke dashboards, reports, and analytics solutions.

Training And Support

Training and Support

Optimize SAP SAC with specialized training for end-users, administrators, and developers, supported by ongoing assistance for peak efficiency.
Migration And Upgrades

Migration and Upgrades:

We offer meticulous planning, execution, and post-migration support for businesses upgrading or transitioning to SAP SAC.
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Expertise And Experience

Expertise and Experience

Tailored Solutions

Tailored Solutions

Reliable Support

Reliable Support

Improved ROI

Improved ROI

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